Confession of faith

- Someone's died, after all!
- You know, Betty, actually, no one has died... Actually died.
- Well, if no one has died, that must mean it's you. [pause] But if you feel like you're going to die, I'd rather be with you. No question. [pause] In fact, I'm flattered to be here. When I died, there was no one there. I had to go through the whole thing on my own. [pause] Ok, I did, but a bit company won't hurt.
- Perhaps I should be getting back...
- [Betty opens a beer; gives it to Claire] So, in principle, if you´re serious, you have a program the day you die. [Betty opens a beer for herself] Having a laugh with dickheads... We did that last night. [Betty laughs] Then comes going to tell someone something, something you're dead set on, good or bad, something you've never said. 'Cause on the day you die, you have total freedom of speech. In principle...
- I met a man. Not like me, I don't know how to use my energy, but he does. He's really determined. And then one day, he found out how to turn it against me. Just like that, he took back everything he'd given me. That's what he wanted, I think. To screw everything up. [takes a sip] And it worked. Between the two of us, it worked.
- Oh yeah...
- What was it, the day you died?
- It's in the past... It's behind me now. [laughs] There's no more to say about it. [laughs] Thank God... [Betty and Claire laugh and take a sip of beer]

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