Crowd at Lincoln's second inauguration

Well, I guess an awful lot of the world is rather preoccupied today - what with it being my birthday Barack Obama's inauguration. I'm not sure if all those of you who live south of the 49th realise it, but Obama fever seems to be hitting Canadians almost as much as it is USAians. People up here are pretty excited about it all. So, not a lot of blah blah blah today - just have a great time everyone!

Inauguration of Mr. Lincoln

Hello there. On this side (Europe), we're pretty excited ourselves, too. I hope you don't mind my copy&paste. I usually read your blog and I really enjoy your posts. Happy Obama Day!

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  1. Eu sonhei ou tinhas um post sobre o vício dos pontos de exclamação (que têm a morfologia perfeita para simbolizar um cigarro - ainda que invertido)